Sula bird list

Whooper Swan

Greater White-fronted Goose

Pink-footed Goose

Tundra bean Goose

Greylag Goose

Barnacle Goose

Brent Goose

Common Shelduck


Northern Pintail

Eurasian Wigeon

Eurasian Teal

Tufted Duck

Common Eider

King Eider

Common Scoter

Velvet Scoter

Long-tailed Duck

Common Goldeneye


Red-breasted Merganser

Willow Ptarmigan

Red-throated loon

Black-throated loon

Great Northern loon

Yellow-billed loon

Slavonian Grebe

Red-necked Grebe

Northern Fulmar

Manx Shearwater

Sooty Shearwater

European Storm Petrel

Northern Gannet

Great Cormorant

European Shag

Grey Heron

White-tailed Eagle

Golden Eagle

Western Marsh Harrier

Hen Harrier

Common Buzzard

Rough-legged Buzzard

Eurasian Sparrowhawk

Northern Goshawk

Common Kestrel

Peregrine Falcon


Gyr Falcon

Water Rail

Eurasian Oystercatcher

Common Ringed Plover

Grey Plover

European Golden Plover

Northern Lapwing

Red Knot


Purple Sandpiper

Ruddy Turnstone


Little Stint

Wood Sandpiper

Common Sandpiper

Common Redshank

Common Greenshank

Black-tailed Godwit

Bar-tailed Godwit

Eurasian Curlew


Eurasian Woodcock

Great Snipe


Long-finned Pilot Whale

Harbour Porpoise

Grey Seal

Harbor Seal

Eurasian Otter

American Mink*

European Hedgehog*

Common Snipe

Jack Snipe

Red Phalarope


Great Skua

Pomarine Skua

Arctic Skua

Long-tailed Skua

Black-headed Gull

Little Gull

Common Gull

European Herring Gull

Great Black-backed Gull

Lesser Black-backed Gull

Black-legged Kittiwake

Sabine's Gull

Glaucous Gull

Iceland Gull

Common Tern

Arctic Tern

Little Auk

Atlantic Puffin

Black Guillemot

Common Guillemot


Feral Pigeon

Common Wood Pigeon

Eurasian Collared Dove 

European Turtle Dove

Common Cuckoo

Eurasian Eagle Owl

Tengmalm's Owl

Long-eared Owl

Short-eared Owl

Common Swift

Eurasian Hoopoe

European Bee-eater

Grey-headed Woodpecker

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Eurasian Wryneck

Common Skylark

Greater Short-toed Lark

Common Sand Martin

Barn Swallow

Common House Martin

Richard's Pipit

Rock Pipit

Meadow Pipit

Tree Pipit

Olive-backed Pipit

Pechora Pipit

White Wagtail

Western Yellow Wagtail

Eastern Yellow Wagtail

Citrine Wagtail

Grey Wagtail

White-throated Dipper

Bohemian Waxwing


European Robin

Thrush Nightingale 

Common Nightingale


Red-flanked Bluetail

Common Redstart

Black Redstart

Northern Wheatear


Stenjeger's Stonechat

Song Thrush



Large White
Green-veined White
Common Blue
Holly Blue
American Copper
Purple-edged Copper
Green Hairstreak
Small Tortoiseshell
Red Admiral
Painted Lady
Garden Carpet
The Chevron
Autumn Green Carpet
Dark Marbled Carpet
Juniper Carpet
Chestnut-coloured Carpet
Twin-spot Carpet
Satyr Pug
The V-Moth
Common Health
Barred Red
Yellow Shell
Ruby Tiger Moth
Garden Tiger Moth
Dark Tussock
Silver Y
Rosy Rustic
The Brick
The Chestnut
Grey Chi
Brindled Ochre
Antler Moth
Broom Moth
Glaucous Shears
Chersotis cuprea
Large Yellow Underwing
Square-spot Rustic
Barred Grass-veneer
Garden Rose Tortrix
Dotted Shade
Diamondback Moth


Mistle Thrush


Common Blackbird

Ring Ouzel

White's Thrush

Barred Warbler

Garden Warbler


Lesser Whitethroat

Eastern Ophean Warbler

Common Whitethroat

Eastern Subalpine Warbler

Sedge Warbler

Common Grasshopper Warbler

European Reed Warbler

Marsh Warbler

Icterine Warbler

Willow Warbler

Wood Warbler

Western Bonelli's Warbler

Common Chiffchaff

Greenish Warbler

Green Warbler

Yellow-browed Warbler

Hume's Leaf Warbler

Pallas's Leaf Warbler

Dusky Warbler


Winter Wren

Spotted Flycatcher

Red-breasted Flycatcher

Taiga Flycatcher

Pied Flycatcher

Great Tit

Coal Tit

European Blue Tit

Long-tailed Tit

Eurasian Treecreeper

Lesser Grey Shrike

Woodchat Shrike

Common Magpie

Hooded Crow

Common Raven

Common Starling

Rose-coloured Starling

Eurasian Golden Oriole

House Sparrow

Eurasian Tree Sparrow

Common Chaffinch


Common Linnet


Common Redpoll

Lesser Redpoll

Arctic Redpoll

European Goldfinch

European Greenfinch

Eurasian Siskin

Eurasian Bullfinch


Common Crossbill

Parrot Crossbill

Two-barred Crossbill

Common Rosefinch

Common Reed Bunting

Little Buting

Snow Bunting

Lapland Bunting

Rustic Bunting

Ortolan Bunting


213 species

Unidentified species:

Cory's-/Scopoli's Shearwater

Siberian-/Stejneger's Stonechat

Black-headed-/Red-headed Bunting

Booted-/Sykes's Warbler


Heath Bumblebee

Tree Bumblebee

Cryptic Bumblebee

Northern White-tailed Bumblebee

White-tailed Bumblebee

Buff-tailed Bumblebee

Common Carder Bee

Large Carder Bee

Bohemian Cuckoo Bumblebee

Field Cuckoo Bumblebee

Garden Bumblebee

Broken-belted Bumblebee


Common Dronefly

Furry Dronefly

Tapered Dronefly

Plain-faced Dronefly

Larger Spotty-eyed Dronefly

Hairy-eyed Syrphus

Yellow-barred Peat Hoverfly

Tiger Hoverfly

Marmalade Hoverfly

The Summerfly


Common Hawker

Black Meadowhawk


Red-breasted Carrion Beetle

Nicrophorus investigator

Cantharis obscura

True Bugs

Birch Shieldbug